Agama mutabilis


  • "The Unnamed Plateau" (main NE wadi), March 2002
  • Western Gilf Kebir (near Wadi Sora), February 2003
  • Bu Helega, Karkur Idriss (Jebel Uweinat), October 2003
  • Wadi Abd el Melik (Gilf Kebir), March 2007
  • Emeri Highland (Jebel Uweinat), November 2010

    Several individuals of the species were noted in widely separated geographical locations. The Western Gilf Kebir specimen was located far from any live vegetation, approximately 10 kilometres north of Wadi Sora. The others were in proximity to sparse vegetation.

    "The Unnamed Plateau"
    (main NE wadi)
    22nd March, 2002
    (approx. 11am)

      Wadi Abd el Melik
    22nd March, 2007
    (approx. 11am)
    Photo by Margaret Berrier
    Western Gilf Kebir, (10km north of Wadi Sora)
    23rd February, 2003 (approx. 1pm)

    Bu Helega, Karkur Idriss, 27th October, 2003 (approx. 3pm)
    Emeri Highland (Jebel Uweinat),
    22nd November, 2010
    (approx. 11am)

      Bu Helega (Jebel Uweinat),
    25nd November, 2010
    (approx. 2pm)
    photo by Gábor Merkl