Motacilla flava


  • Southern Great Sand Sea (Libyan Desert Glass area), April 2006
  • Gilf Kebir (mini-oasis in the "Gap"), March 2010
  • Selima Sand Sheet (about 100 km West of Selima Oasis), March 2013

    A yellow wagtail was observed at the mini-oasis in the "Gap" (Gilf Kebir) in the spring of 2010. Also a mummified individual was noted in the Libyan Desert Glass area in the Great Sand Sea.

    Libyan Desert Glass area, Great Sand Sea 6th April, 2006

    The "Gap" (Gilf Kebir)
    17th March, 2010 (approx. 11am)

      Selima Sand Sheet
    (~100 Km W of Selima)
    11th March, 2013 (approx. 10am)