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  • Near Wadi Sora (Gilf Kebir), October 2002
  • West of Gilf Kebir (on sand plain), October 2005
  • Clayton's Craters (at foot of Crater B), March 2007
  • Selima sand Sheet, November 2009

    No live storks were seen in the Libyan Desert, only mummified remains on the sand plain to the west of the Gilf Kebir plateau, near Wadi Sora, at Clayton's Craters and on the Selima Sand Sheet. However the migration route certainly passes over the Libyan Desert.

    Near Wadi Sora
    October, 2002

      On sand plain west of the Gilf Kebir, October 2005

    At foot of Crater B, Clayton's Craters, March 2007

      Selima Sand Sheet, November 2009

    Migrating storks resting at Ras Mohammed (Sinai), August 2003