"Silica '96" Proceedings

Edited by:DE MICHELE, Vincenzo

Pyramids, Segrate (Milano), 1997



1 Théodore Monod, Introductory talk 7

Historic and bibliographic data

2 Peter H. Clayton, Patrick Clayton's desert explorations 1920 to 1937 11
3 Théodore Monod and Edmond Diemer, A bibliography on Libyan Desert Glass 19

Geographical and geological data

4 Aly A. Barakat, Vincenzo de Michele, Giancarlo Negro, Benito Piacenza and Romano Serra, Some new data on the distribution of Libyan Desert Glass (Great Sand Sea, Egypt) 29
5 Robert Giegengack and James R. Underwood Jr, Origin of Libyan Desert Glass: some stratigraphic considerations 37
6 Rosa Loizzo, SAR remote sensing on the Libyan Desert Glass area 41

Chronological data

7 Giulio Bigazzi and Vincenzo de Michele, New fission-track ages of Libyan Desert Glass 49
8 Peter Horn, Dieter Müller-Sohnius, Peter Schaaf, Barbara Kleinmann and Dieter Storzer, Potassium-argon and fission-track dating of Libyan Desert Glass, and strontium and neodymium isotope constraints on its source rocks 59


9 Jean-Pierre Adolphe, José Paradas and Francois Soleilhavoup, Bacteria-like intrusions in Libyan Desert Silica Glass 77
10 carlo Patuelli, X-ray microdiffractrometry analysis of Libyan Desert Silica Glass 81
11 Benito Piacenza, Evidence of granular structure in Libyan Desert Silica Glass by SEM cathodoluminescence 85

Physical and chemical data. Genetic hypotheses

12 Mark Boslough, Collapse of interacting athmospheric plumes from bolide swarms: evidence in the geologic record? 93
13 Edmond Diemer, Libyan Desert Glass: an impactite. State of the art in July 1996 95
14 Marc Feller, Vitreous silica from the Sahara 111
15 Darryl S. Futrell and John A. O'Keefe, A brief discussion of the petrogenesis of Libyan Desert Glass 115
16 Christian Koeberl, Libyan Desert Glass: geochemical composition and origin 121
17 Ahobila V. Murali, Michael E. Zolensky, James R. Underwood Jr and Robert Giegengack, Chondritic debris in Libyan Desert Glass 133
18 Robert Rocchia, Eric Robin, Francois Frölich, Jean Amosse, Jean-Alix Barrat, Henriette Méon, Laurence Froget and Edmond Diemer, The impact origin of Libyan Desert Glass 143