Problems in Prehistory: North Africa and the Levant

Edited by: WENDORF, Fred and Anthony E. Marks

Southern Methodist University Press, Dallas, 1975


Part I: North Africa & the Nile

1 Rushdi Said, The Geological Evolution of the River Nile 7
2 Madeleine Van Campo, Pollen Analyses in the Sahara 45
3 Romuald Schild & Fred Wendorf, New Explorations in the Egyptian Sahara 65
4 C. Reid Ferring, The Aterian in North African Prehistory 113
5 Fred Wendorf & Romuald Schild, The Paleolithic of the Lower Nile Valley 127
6 James L. Phillips, Iberomaurusian related sites in the Nile Valley 171
7 G. Camps, The Prehistoric Cultures of North Africa: A radiocarbon chronology 181
8 T.R. Hays, Neolithic Settlement of the Sahara as it relates to the Nile Valley 193

Part II: The Levant

This section ommitted, the 10 papers deal with the prehistory of the Sinai, Israel, Lebanon & Syria

Part III: Synthesis

19 Karl W. Butzer, Patterns of environmental change in the Near East during the Late Pleistocene and Early Holocene times 389
20 C.B.M. McBurney, Current Status of the Lower and Middle Paleolithic of the entire region from the Levant through North Africa 411
21 Harvey L. Crew, An evaluation of the relationship between the Mousterian complexes of the Eastern Mediterranean: A technological perspective 427
22 Anthony E. Marks, The current status of Upper Paleolithic studies from the Maghreb to Northern Levant 439
23 J. Desmond Clark, Conference Overview 459