Levegoben... homokon...

(In Air... on Sand...)

First Edition 1937

The third book of Almásy in the series, one among the four 1937 titles. This book is essentially a continuation of #30 Ismeretlen Szahara, giving further glimpses of the 1931-34 expeditions to the Libyan Desert, as well as some chapters on the 1935 expeditions (most of the chapters in the two books were published in German by Brockhaus, Leipzig in 1939 in a single volume titled "Unbekannte Sahara"). It is known in three binding variants, Classic IV. full cloth (relatively the most common), a Classic II/IV hybrid, and a Classic IV half cloth (note that a superfluous comma is inserted into the title on both cover and spine in all the variants). The title is very scarce in all variants. The dust jacket is known, presumably it was the same for all versions however this is unverified. While the interior is identical for all variants, it appears that there was a second batch prepared after 1938, possibly using the original print run, as attested by a full cloth Classic IV. variant with grey rather than the regular purple endpapers.

First Edition

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Cover variants (with endpaper pattern if available)

Clasic III/IV. hybrid Clasic IV. (full cloth) Clasic IV. (full cloth var.) Clasic IV. (half cloth)  

Dust Jacket