Forthcoming Expeditions

All expeditions are organized in a small group format, with minimum 6, maximum 12 participants. Dates are tentative, subject to confirmation from all participants, as well as receipt of permits and visas!

Suggested itineraries are flexible, may be adjusted based on inputs from participants. On the trips, we will hold a discussion each evening to decide on next day's plans, where all reasonable wishes and suggestions will be considered.

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    January 2018 Expedition
The Ennedi (Chad)

The Ennedi Plateau in Eastern Chad is located on the southern fringes of the Sahara, the eroding sandstone towers along its southern edge create one of the most dramatic landscapes anywhere on Earth. The region is extremely rich in rock art, and while the mainstream sites are well known, many of the most important localities have not been seen by anyone since their discovery by Gerard Bailloud in the nineteen fifties. On this expedition we will focus on the South-western part of the Ennedi (the Faya region), attempting to re-locate some of these lost sites, while also visiting all of the principal prehistoric and natural sights.

    April 2018 Expedition
Ancient Persia (Persepolis & Fars Province, Iran)

Following our exploratory visit in March 2016 we plan to return to Iran, with a focus on the monuments of Ancient Persia (Achaemenid & Sassanid empires) mainly in Fars Province (around the city of Shiraz). Our itinerary will allow for much more time at the monuments than on regular tour packages, with a possibility to re-visit some of the most important localities in differing lighting conditions. This trip will go ahead with a minimum of six participants.

    June 2018 Expedition
The Rock Art of Namibia

Breaking with the format of previous expeditions to the Brandberg, this trip will provide a complete overview of all the important rock art bearing localities of Namibia, including the paintings of the Spitzkoppe, the Erongo Mountains, the lower Brandberg, plus the engravings of Twyfelfontein and Peet Albert Koppie. We will be staying at lodges and camping grounds along the way, while the focus will be on rock art, there will be ample of opportunities to enjoy the amazing Namibian landscape and nature, including a two day visit to Etosha Park.

    November 2018 Expedition
Tassili N'Ajjer (Algeria)

A two week expedition is planned with vehicle support to visit some of the more remote parts of the Tassili N'Ajjer region, including the Algerian Tadrart and the Oued Tasset - Oued Aharhar region of the south-central Tassili. This trip will not involve any longer walks or physical strain, is suitable for everyone with an interest in desert landscapes and rock art. During the trip we will visit several areas that count among the most beautiful desert scenery anywhere in the Sahara.

    March 2019 Expedition
Jebel Uweinat (Sudan)

Following the successful and problem-free November 2017 expedition to Uweinat arranged from the Sudanese side, a further expedition is planned along the same route. We will access Uweinat via the quickest and easiest route, leaving the Nile road in the vicnity of Soleb, and plan to spend ten days at the mountain (seven in Karkur Talh, visiting the principal sites, plus doing some surveying in the remaining blank spots), and another three at the southern side of the mountain, possibly including a two-day ascent of the Summit from Wadi Wahesh, a route not yet tried before. After the core trip there may be a two-day add-on to visit Meroe/Musawwaret el Sofra & Napata for those interested.

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