Unidentified caterpillar/moth


  • Wadi Hamra (Gilf Kebir), March 2000
  • Wadi Hamra (Gilf Kebir), October 2005

    In March 2000 a moth was noted on a large green Zilla spinosa bush in Wadi Hamra.

    In October 2005 a colorful caterpillar was noted feeding on Acacia raddiana in Wadi Hamra. The moth and the caterpillar may be the same or different unidentified species.

    Wadi Hamra
    (Gilf Kebir)
    26th March, 2000
    (approx. 5pm)

    Wadi Hamra (Gilf Kebir), 27th October, 2005 (approx. 2pm)