Zilla spinosa


  • Wadi Hamra (Gilf Kebir)
  • Eastern Wadi Abd el Melik (Gilf Kebir)
  • The "Gap" (Gilf Kebir)

    The species was first noted on our first visit to the northern Gilf valleys, Wadi Hamra and Wadi Abd el Melik, in 2000. Several large green individuals were noted in both valleys. Since then all these have dried, and no fresh growth of the species was noted in either locality. In October 2002 we chanced upon a mini oasis in the "Gap" (the valley separating the northern and southern parts of the Gilf kebir), with numerous thriving Zilla spinosa bushes (the locality has not been re-visited since).

    Eastern Wadi Abd el Melik (Gilf Kebir),
    March/November 2000

    Wadi Hamra (Gilf Kebir), March 2000

      The same spot in Wadi Hamra five years later,
    October 2005

    The "Gap" (Gilf Kebir), October 2002