Gerbillus gerbillus


  • Wadi Sora (Gilf Kebir), March 2004

    Fresh tracks of small rodents have been noted at dawn on several occasions near vegetation at Karkur Talh and the Gilf Kebir, occasionally also in areas totally void of vegetation. However none were actually observed, except at Wadi Sora in March 2004, where a family of numerous individuals were noted inhabiting the principal camping area, feeding on discarded food. They were noted both around noon, and later in the evening when a few individuals approached the group around the camp fire, looking for fallen scraps. On our next visit in autumn the gerbils were gone, and howevere a desert fox (Vulpes rueppeli) was noted in the same area.

    Wadi Sora
    29th March, 2004
    (approx. 8pm)