Addax nasomaculatus


  • Wadi Sora (Gilf Kebir), October 2002

    Addax were abundant in the South Libyan Desert (Wadi Howar area) as attested by early explorers, however indiscriminate hunting have reduced their presence to very few individuals. Their historical range once included the Gilf Kebir, as attested by a single skeleton discovered some 10 kilometres north of Wadi Sora. Almásy also reported seeing a mummified addax along the western Gilf Kebir in 1934 (Almásy, 1937).

    10kms north of Wadi Sora (Gilf Kebir)
    29th October, 2002

    Fleeing herds of Addax nasomaculatus near Wadi Howar, Sudan. Photographs by Count Zsigmond Szechényi taken during the 1935 spring hunting trip with Almásy. Since then the species became almost extinct in the area.