Bibliography of the Libyan Desert

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ZBORAY, András
Rock Art of the Libyan Desert

Fliegel Jezerniczky Expeditions, Newbury, 2005

The result of a five year documentation project, the work is a complete catalogue and bibliography of all known (to the end of 2004) rock art sites in the Gilf Kebir - Jebel Uweinat area. Published on DVD, it contains the description of over 500 sites, with more than 7500 photographs. The DVD may be ordered on-line.


  • Books
    A complete listing of all published books dealing principally with the exploration, history, rock art, archaeology, flora and fauna of the Libyan Desert (Eastern Sahara).
  • Articles
    A listing of most major articles on the Libyan Desert.
  • Almásy Books
    A detailed description of the various editions of the published books of László Almásy, plus information on the english translation in the works.
  • Books/journals available
    A listing of duplicate books and journals containing important articles on the Libyan Desert, which I have currently available for sale.