Articles on the Libyan Desert

Most of the exploration of the Libyan Desert took place in the late twenties & early thirties, and most material, as well as a few recent accounts were published in the Geographical Journal, published by the Royal Geographical Society. A few articles on rock art appeared in Antiquity, and Hassanein's epic jopurney was also published in The National Geographic Magazine, together with all photos contained in his book. A few articles on the southern part of the Libyan Desert appeared in Sudan Notes & Records. Prince Kemal el Din published exclusively in french, his articles appeared in the early-mid twenties in La Geographie ( "L'exploration du desert de Libye", Vol:50 (1928), pp:171-183 and 320-336), Revue Scientifique Illustre, and the obscure Bulletin de la Societe Royale Geographique de l'Egypte. The results of the Belgian Scientific Mission to Jebel Uweinat in 1968/69 were published in a special issue of Africa Tervuren, Vol: XV, 1969/4 (mainly in french, some articles in flemish). Much of recent research on rock art and archaeology is published in Sahara, founded in 1988.
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Other Recent Articles

Note: Many recent papers and articles are listed in the contents of compilations in the Books section.

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