Rock Art of the Libyan Desert
2nd Expanded Edition (2009)

The result of a ten year documentation project, the definitive catalogue and bibliography of all known rock art sites in the Libyan Desert (Eastern Sahara), issued on DVD. Included are the geographical areas of the Gilf Kebir plateau, Jebel Arkenu, Jebel Uweinat, Jebel Kissu and surrounding regions. Over 800 sites are fully photographed, and presented in their entirety. The DVD version contains more than 12000 photographs in 1024 x 768 resolution, the most complete published photographic record of any rock art region within the Sahara. The First Edition was published on the 15 July 2005.

The Second Expanded Edition was published on 20th October 2009. It contains nearly 300 new sites (the majority of them at Jebel Uweinat), documenting the results of the surveys of both the author and others (principally Alessandro Menardi-Noguara, Hardy Böckli, Mark Borda, Flavio Cambieri) working in the region during the four years that have elapsed since the publication of the first edition. The second edition contains some five thousand additional photographs. Reflecting our increased knowledge and understanding, some sections on the rock art styles and cultures of the region have also been re-worked. Click here to download a full list of updates and changes (Rich Text Format file, opens in new window with MS Word or other .rtf compatible word processor).

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