Prices and Conditions


The expeditions are organised on a cost-sharing basis, with the major cost item being the rental of suitable desertworthy vehicles, fees for arranging permits, cost of escort, fuel & supplies, drivers, etc. The economics work out quite similarly for both Egypt and Libya, with average trips costing 2700 - 2900 EUR per person. For particular expeditions, please enquire.

Above does not include cost of visa, airfare to Cairo/Tripoli, and any accomodation prior to and after the trip. It does include everything for the duration of the trip, including any hotel stays and meals along the way.


The expeditions promoted on this website are NOT organised tours. All expeditions are organised as a voluntary grouping of independent travelers, sharing vehicles & equipment. FJ Expeditions undertakes to provide organisation advice (including procurement of provisions & supplies, and selection of suitable desertworthy vehicles) and guidance on the trip. Given the nature of the area and terrain, FJ Expeditions cannot guarantee either itinerary or duration of the trip, as unforeseen circumstances or emergencies may cut the expeditions short, or force an alteration of course. The agency renting the vehicles does so on a daily basis, so if an expedition is shorter than planned, some refund is attainable, to be shared equally among participants. If there is a time overrun, the same amount of additional cost must be shared among participants. Should a trip be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances FJ Expeditions will refund the unspent portion of any pre-payment (including recoverable vehicle deposits).

FJ Expeditions assumes no responsibility for any accidents or medical emergencies during the trip, including trip cut short by any emergency. Participants agree to fully idemnify both FJ Expeditions and fellow travelers for possible adverse effects of administered first aid or other medication. All participants are expected to have full medical and accident insurance extending coverage to a desert expedition, including cost of air evacuation should it be necessary (and possible). Participation on an expedition is subject to presentation of such coverage.

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