Tassili N'Ajjer,
Algeria, October, 2013

Participants: - confirmed
  - tentative
Trip Status: Cancelled

This expedition was cancelled due to the uncertainty of what areas will be permitted for visit by the local authorities at the planned time, making any planing and preparation impossible.
Tentative itinerary (the entire trip would involve one week plus a week-end to allow for travel time to/from Djanet)

Day 1. Ascent of Akba Tafilalet - Tamrit - Tan Zumaitak

Day 2. Tamrit - Titeras N'Elias - Tin Tazarift

Day 3. Tin Tazarift - Tin Aboteka - Sefar

Day 4. Sefar

Day 5. Sefar - Ozeneare

Day 6. Ozeneare - Jabbaren

Day 7. Jabbaren - Aouenrhet

Day 8. Jabbaren - descent via Akba Arum