The Ennedi plateau, Chad,
January, 2018

Participants: 9 confirmed
  3 tentative
Trip Status: Confirmed

After our initial January 2016 Ennedi expedition, it became clear that the South Western part of the Ennedi around Faya is far from being thoroughly surveyed and explored. The location of many of the sites located and published by Gerard Bailloud have become lost again, and with digital cameras and DStretch there is the prospect of making new finds even in known shelters. This trip is planned to focus on a relatively small area within a 50 kilometre radius from Fada, exporing several rock outcrops on foot in an attempt to re-locate lost sites (and possibly find unrecorded ones). We will also have time to see the Archéï guelta and the surrounding well known sites. Departure will be from N'Djamena, with ground logistics to be provided by S.V.S. like on previous trips.

The exact itinerary will be fine-tuned once I have the opportunity to read all the pertaining literature (some of which is very hard to find) on the list of rock art sites to visit, however the following is a broad outline:

Day 1-4. N-Djamena - Bahr el Ghazal - Fada

From N'Djamena we will need approximately three and a half - four days to reach Fada. For the first two days we will follow the Bahr al Ghazal along the N'Djamena to Faya track. After crossing the Bodele depression we will continue straight towards the Noth East, being within sight of the first outcrops of the Ennedi by the third evening if all things go well.

Day 5-13. South-west Ennedi

We will have nine useful days at the Ennedi, with a more detailed plan to be added as we get closer to departure time. The plan is to visit a good portion of the principal localities recorded by Bailloud in the nineteen-fifties, and locate as much of the sites as possible, with a special emphasis on the archaic paintings. On the last day, we will move towards Kalait, to camp in its vicinity in preparation for the return journey.

Day 14-16. Return to N'Djamena

It will be a three day drive back to N'Djamena, a day along the Kalait - Abeche track, and another two driving back to N'Djamena on the surfaced road.



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