Rock Art Sites in the Libyan Desert

    New Rock Art Site in the Western Gilf Kebir

Late January 2003 Zarzora Expeditions and Jacopo Foggini separately announced the discovery of a major new rock art site in the Western Gilf Kebir. In February 2003 we have located and visited this amazing shelter. This page is intended to provide a preview of the site.



  • Karkur Talh & Karkur Murr
    The main eastarn valley of Jebel Uweinat, Karkur Talh and it's tributaries contain one of the richest concentrations of rock art in the whole Sahara
  • Western Uweinat (Ain Doua & Karkurs)
    Shelters under the huge granite boulders in the Western part of Uweinat contain numerous paintings, including the famous sites of Ain Doua, whose discovery was hotly disputed by Almásy and Di Caporiacco
  • Jebel Arkenu, Jebel Kissu & Yerguehda Hill
    The lesser granite massifs around Uweinat have an assorment of smaller sites with paintings
  • Mogharet el Kantara (Shaw's Cave)
    The Southern part of the Gilf Kebir harbors only one known rock art site, a cave with paintings discovered by Shaw & party in 1936
  • Wadi Sora and environs
    The site of the real "Cave of Swimmers" of 'The English Patient' fame, plus a multitude of other paintings in the vicinity
  • Northern Gilf Kebir (including wadis)
    The North-western half of the Gilf Kebir aside wadi Sora is strangely almost lacking paintings. Only a few scattered engravings of an apparently very ancient age, and a single painted shelter may be found in the three main valleys and along the edges of the plateau
  • Rock Art documentation project
    A project to document all known rock art sites in the central Libyan Desert, for eventual publication