Tamarix arborea


  • Jebel Arkenu (near spring in main wadi)
  • Northern Gilf kebir,October 2005

    A single individual of the species grows a short distance downstream from the spring in the main wadi of Jebel Arkenu. Till recently, this was the only example from the central Libyan Desert, however recently our party chanced upon anothe living example in the bed of an unnamed wadi in the northern Gilf Kebir, in an area that is practically void of any other green vegetation. The presence of this specimen is inexplicable given that the species is normally restricted to areas with permanent subterranean water source. (The identification of the Gilf Kebir example is uncertain, it appears to be the same species as the Arkenu example identified by Leonard, but could be another Tamarix species).

    Near the spring in main wadi, Jebel Arkenu
    Bed of an unnamed wadi in middle northern Gilf Kebir, October 2005