Ochradenus baccatus


  • Hassanein Plateau (Jebel Uweinat)

    The species was only observed on the Hassanein Plateau, where a cluster of four individuals were seen growing around a large dry guelta in 2004. A solitary example was noted at a different location a few kilometres to the east. All show signs of grazing, when first observed in March 2004 there were only fresh green shoots, however in March 2005 all were flowering. In october 2006 three further individuals were found in the main south eastern valley system of the plateau.

    Hassanein Plateau (Jebel Uweinat), March 2005

    Hassanein Plateau (Jebel Uweinat), March 2004

    Main valley, Hassanein Plateau (Jebel Uweinat), October 2006