Fagonia thebaica


  • Western Gilf Kebir (near Wadi Sora)
  • Jebel Arkenu (eastern wadi)
  • Karkur Ibrahim (Jebel Uweinat)
  • Hassanein Plateau (Jebel Uweinat)
  • Italia Plateau (Jebel Uweinat)

    A close cousin of Fagonia arabica, this species can be distinguished by the shorter thorns, and fleshier leaves. It was noted in diverse geographical habitats both in the Gilf Kebir and the Arkenu - Uweinat region. It is particularly common at higher altitudes on Jebel Uweinat. One individual was noted near the summit, being the highest recorded plant on the mountain.

    A grove of Fagonia thebaica in a small wadi along the western edge of the Gilf Kebir (near Wadi Sora), November 2003

    Eastern wadi of Jebel Arkenu (between granite and sandstone parts), October 2003

    Hassanein Plateau (Jebel Uweinat), March/October 2004

    Hassanein Plateau (Jebel Uweinat), February 2003

    Upper side wadi of Karkur Ibrahim (Jebel Uweinat), in rocky wadi bed, October 2003

    Italia Plateau (Jebel Uweinat), in a small ravine just under the summit, October 2002