Acacia ehrenbergiana


  • Wadi Talh (Gilf Kebir)
  • Plain outside Wadi Sora (NW Gilf Kebir)
  • "Unnamed Plateau" (between Gilf Kebir & Jebel Uweinat, Egypt)
  • Wadi Handal (Jebel Uweinat)
  • Karkur Talh, South Western branch (Jebel Uweinat)

    The species forms low dome shaped bushes in sandy wadi beds in very marginal conditions, where larger Acacia species cannot survive. Most were noted in dry wadis, but inexplicably a pair somehow manages to survive on the plain outside Wadi Sora, where no other green vegetation may be found. (This pair or their ancestors were already marked on Clayton's 1932 map of the area.) In better conditions the species forms a large bush with many branches splitting at ground level, like the solitary example (among numerous Acacia raddiana) noted in the south western branch of Karkur Talh.

    Wadi Talh (Gilf Kebir), October 2004

    Outside Wadi Sora (NW Gilf Kebir), October 2005

    Wadi Handal (Jebel Uweinat), October 2005

      "Unnamed Plateau" (Egypt),
    March 2002

    "Unnamed Plateau" (Egypt), October 2006

    Upper south western branch of Karkur Talh (Jebel Uweinat), October 2006