Oenanthe isabellina


  • Karkur Talh (Jebel Uweinat), October 2005
  • Karkur Ibrahim (Jebel Uweinat, at Ain Duarmé spring), November 2010

    A single individual of the species was noted in Karkur Talh, among green vegetation following the rains of 2005. (Species identified by Uffe Gjøl Sørensen). Another was seen drinking from the small pool at the spring of Ain Duarmé (Karkur Ibrahim, Jebel Uweinat) in November 2010.

    Karkur Talh
    26th October, 2005
    (approx. 5pm)

      Ain Duarmé spring
    (Karkur Ibrahim, Jebel Uweinat)
    18th November, 2010
    (approx. 5pm)